Nooses Aren’t Used For That

Episode 89 June 29, 2020 01:12:47
Nooses Aren’t Used For That
Black On Both Sides
Nooses Aren’t Used For That

Jun 29 2020 | 01:12:47


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #89

KingKunta spent all weekend celebrating how much pride he has. So much so, he showed up to record totally exhausted. He hasn’t seen this much sweat since the Spartan Race.

Nonetheless, pride and nooses are the early topics on today’s episode. Bubba Wallace found out the hard way that the noose is really effective in many uses. Most Americans would only know the one use. In fact, when have you ever seen the noose used in another way? I will wait.

Another story of police brutality against an innocent black person. Elijah McClain, young black man on the spectrum was apprehended while dancing. We have yet to hear what his crime was. Yet it doesn’t matter. He will not get to see his 23rd birthday. So far there have not been any convictions. Let’s hope something is done.

Trump is trumping. He is not willing to offer any 4 year plan in conjunction with his re-election. I hope that even his base is not willing to accept that.

Nooses Aren’t Used For That #BOBS089

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