Life On Both Sides #BOBS045

Episode 45 May 20, 2019 01:40:46
Life On Both Sides #BOBS045
Black On Both Sides
Life On Both Sides #BOBS045

May 20 2019 | 01:40:46


Show Notes

Episode #45

We are a plump nation. Plump in the sense that our 5 year olds can get luxury gift items for their birthday. How many times have you gone to a toddler's party and seen him unwrap a Rollie ? Happens everyday around here.

Beyonce can afford to turn down 6 million dollars in lieu of promised futures. Pay attention because the come up is real.

Heated discussion is what we do best around here and this abortion law topic is something we can't avoid. Kunta and I argue and we were never able to agree when life starts for the young fetus. Pro-Life? Pro-choice? Pro BOBS!

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