Trump Sips The Peach-Mint Tea

Episode 59 September 30, 2019 01:16:03
Trump Sips The Peach-Mint Tea
Black On Both Sides
Trump Sips The Peach-Mint Tea

Sep 30 2019 | 01:16:03


Show Notes

Episode #59 Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have seen the look in the Democrats eyes. Their canines have blood on them and thy are going back in for the kill. Trump may have sealed his fate by being arrogant. But can we really assume that this is the case? Kunta will have you believe that it was indeed arrogance gave him the courage to release the phone call to the House And Senate. I tend to think there are other power at play.

No matter how you fall, it is obvious to everyone that after 4 years and all of the digging the Dems could muster, they may have actually gotten lucky and found something with which to tie the noose. Trump may have purchased the rope. Would you care for some Peach-Mint Tea?

Trump Sips The Peach-Mint Tea #BOBS059

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