Even Mississippi Gets It

Episode 90 July 06, 2020 01:23:49
Even Mississippi Gets It
Black On Both Sides
Even Mississippi Gets It

Jul 06 2020 | 01:23:49


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #90

How many hot dogs can you eat in a minute? My record is 3 hot dogs in a sitting. I’m nowhere close to the record. KingKunta is right in line with my number. But he can consume lost of red meat. What meat are hot dogs?

August Alsina is trending right now for being one of Jada Pinkett-Smith’s undercover lovers. Where is the NDA? Does anyine plan on listening to his new album? Were you planning on listening to it even before this drama?

The NFL thinks that black people need to hear their national anthem in order to feel whole. I can’t wait to see all of the players singing along. Oh, nobody knows this song? Not even black people, you say? Luckily, the NFL knows what black people need.

Cam Newton sings a league minimum contract. Can he turn his legacy around by earning a new multi-year contract that speaks to his talent?

The Washington _________ are having to change their name. And isn’t it about damn time? We have been cancelling people for far less. Why not cancel a team?

Kanye announces his run for president and 1,000 armed black men and women showed up to Stone Mountain, GA for a 4th of July impromptu march. No one opposing this showed up to have a c conversation.

Mississippi has finally come around and is taking down the flag that looks so much like the confederate flag. News flash!!! If Mississippi gets that there is a change coming before you do….kill yourself!

Even Mississippi Gets It #BOBS090

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