I'm Not Worth Your McD's Money?

Episode 144 August 22, 2022 01:20:51
I'm Not Worth Your McD's Money?
Black On Both Sides
I'm Not Worth Your McD's Money?

Aug 22 2022 | 01:20:51


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #144

Kunta spent a whole lot of money (not the AB song) on his kid's birthday week. Since when did birthday week become a thing for kids too? I know that black women celebrate for a month. But kids get a day and a day only. Not at the Kunta house. So parties, Disneyland, and Medieval Times took money from him. Do you think he was happy to come back to podcasting after our short break? Of course he was...Let off some of that steam.

We didn't get too serious on this episode. However, we did find time to talk about how broke the congregation is. It is obvious y'all are broke based on how you honor me. I'm not worth your McDonalds money? I'm not worth your Gucci money? I wanted a Movado a year ago and you broke ninjas still ain't got me no Movado!!!

I'm Not Worth Your McD's Money? #BOBS144

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