When Oldies Stations Start Playing Your Songs

Episode 91 July 13, 2020 01:29:56
When Oldies Stations Start Playing Your Songs
Black On Both Sides
When Oldies Stations Start Playing Your Songs

Jul 13 2020 | 01:29:56


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #91

It has happened. When you turn on the oldies station nowadays, you hear all of your parents’ and grandparents’ favorite jams. But all of a sudden a familiar sound peaks your attention. Aye!!! That’s my Jam! You are well into the second verse before you realize what station you are STILL listening to. You tense up as you start to hear all of your young adulthood memories point their old aged, liver-spotted fingers at you. GASP! You’re old! And the oldies station just confirmed it.

Meanwhile, August Alsina had one job. Could he fulfill it? Nope! Now he has Jada and Will on Facebook hoping that they can remain righteous in the face of a red table scandal.

Goya goes to the white House and (alien)ates a great majority of their customer base. That Trump money must be really good.

Your birth control may no longer be covered by your insurance. And Trump is requiring that your kids go back to school in the fall with no restrictions or risk losing fed funding. You must have kids so we can infect them at school. Keep your kids healthy. Trump is going to force them to be exposed.

When Oldies Stations Start Playing Your Songs #BOBS091

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