Biden Will Put Something On Your Student Loan

Episode 113 February 22, 2021 01:19:17
Biden Will Put Something On Your Student Loan
Black On Both Sides
Biden Will Put Something On Your Student Loan

Feb 22 2021 | 01:19:17


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #113

After many months of lockdown, Kunta and tribe travel out of their safe house to a restaurant. Brunch in Cali is not exactly what I thought it was. We pay one amount and eat all day. I guess you would call that a buffet. Speaking of…what happened to all of the buffett restaurants? No more Golden Corral.

Kunta has fallen for the latest marketing craze. GQ asks celebrities what items they consider to be essential. Then Kunta runs out and buys the things they consider essential in the video.

Rush Limbaugh has passed on, and Kunta in true liberal fashion mocks his existence. Without any examples, Kunta lambastes his name. After challenging him, he did present a few quotes from him. Don’t be mad at me for thinking that many of them were funny.

Have you seen Houston recently? Under feet of snow. Guess where Ted Cruz is…Did you say vacation? That would be correct. While his state is freezing to death, his family is on the beach feeling sand between their toes.

Biden says no to 50k, but he can put something on it. How about 10k? I find it laughable that everyone thought they were going to get their debt erased. Guess what? He is going to walk back every promise he made. Honestly, I think is alternative proposal is better for the country. Community College should be free, anyway.

Trump gets acquitted. No surprise there.

Biden Will Put Something On Your Student Loan #BOBS113

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