TV With No Chocolate

Episode 72 February 17, 2020 01:17:59
TV With No Chocolate
Black On Both Sides
TV With No Chocolate

Feb 17 2020 | 01:17:59


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #72


I, for one, was really ready for the TV series Power to be over. But they added many final season episodes as an extension. It was this generations Who Shot JR. Then they went and did something worse...They created a spin off. This time Tariq is at college and Method Man and Mary J Blige are involved. I won't be watching. However, I may be listening as Kunta just let me know that Sisqo has thrown his name in the hat for artists willing to sing the intro song.


Kunta reveals that he isn't so black after all. At least not when it comes to black tv series watching. He has never seen an episode of the following: The Wire, Insecure, Queen Sugar, etc. He has also only seen one Tyler Perry movie. Isn't he supposed to be the more potent Black from Black ON Both sides?


D Wade and Gabby are looking like the most progressive parents of the year, yet they still are not allowing Wade's other son from another mom in the house. How progressive is that? 


Trump has turned his real life into an episode of the Apprentice and has begun firing everyone in sight. Meanwhile the Dems look more and more powerless against a re-election. Unless....Unless...Mike Bloomberg can save the day!


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