Backing Biden

Episode 73 March 02, 2020 01:02:24
Backing Biden
Black On Both Sides
Backing Biden

Mar 02 2020 | 01:02:24


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #73


Kunta white shames me at the very beginning of the show. Coincidentally, he later asks me to give Barack credit as being the first black president. That may not make sense in the notes. Trust me, you will get it when you listen.


Kunta saw a picture where several black people were laying hands on Donald Trump. Now he feels like everyone in that picture is a coon. Skinfolk ain't necessarily your kinfolk. Multiple Choice: Which president is the first black American president? Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, or Donald Trump. Believe it or not, answers may vary.


After the NFL Combine, Kunta wants to argue the point that Tony Romo's new 17 million dollar deal is exactly what is wrong with the NFL. Does his celebrity match the payout? And why don't we have a black owner yet?


It was reported that Trump called the Coronavirus a hoax, and liberal media went crazy. Even though, he corrected them by saying that he wasn't calling the virus itself a hoax, but the outrage towards it by the liberal media, it didn't stop the reporting. At some point the general public has to see the silliness of what they are choosing to report on.


Most of the Democratic delegates have begun to drop away. Kunta feels like Biden has stepped up in a major way and possibly cemented his seat at the table. Although, he will vote for whoever is opposite Trump, he is ready to put full support behind the new Biden. Meanwhile, new attention is directed at Bernie and his non-Democratic party loyalty. There is new evidence that Russia is working to get Bernie nominated.


Backing Biden #BOBS073


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