Privilege Falls Up

Episode 117 March 22, 2021 01:35:14
Privilege Falls Up
Black On Both Sides
Privilege Falls Up

Mar 22 2021 | 01:35:14


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #117

Kunta channels his inner New Yorker to start off this episode professing his love for a man named Zeus Knuckles. Just typing this has made me nauseous. 9 out of 10 dentists approved me to get adult braces, but Kunta feels the need to go on a 20 minute roast about why this is a bad idea. Do you remember that just last week he told us about being pried open so that the UV whitening light could get to all of his teeth at once?

Weightlifting women everywhere are probably up in arms about the way the NCAA Women’s teams are being unfairly treated in regards to their training facility. I believe that 9 yoga mats and a couple of fluorescent dumbbells just about sums up how women that I know work out. Kunta feels like Title 9 matters.

Meanwhile in Atlanta, the latest violence against Asians erupted in a single day spa massacre. The suspect claims a weird fascination with Asians, and the cops think he just had a bad day.

Kunta readies himself for the vaccine. Is the pandemic finally fizzling out or do the many strains pose a problem for immunity and us getting back to the way we were?

Leave it to white people and their privilege to be in a situation where falling upwards is possible. Biden had a little trouble getting up the stairs to Air Force One. Yet even in a bad moment, he still managed to be going up when it happened.

Can you guess that Republicans are making it hard to get anything done? I figured that wasn’t a surprise, so there is no need to tell you why in the notes.

Privilege Falls Up #BOBS117

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