America's Hopefuls Leave Us Hopeless

Episode 71 February 10, 2020 01:25:22
America's Hopefuls Leave Us Hopeless
Black On Both Sides
America's Hopefuls Leave Us Hopeless

Feb 10 2020 | 01:25:22


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #71


Gayle King is of the Winfrey Royalty. However, just because she is beside royalty, it doesn't give her the right to come at royalty. She took it upon herself to ask friend of Kobe, Lisa Leslie about Kobe’s rape allegations and Black Twitter went crazy. Black IG, Black Facebook, Black Myspace, as well.


Oprah came to her rescue with tears and an excuse. But Kunta thinks this is only due to her conspiracy against black men. All of the black men she has attempted to burn at the stake, while seemingly turning a blind eye to friend and alleged rapist Weinstein.


Why hasn’t an expose about him come about? Is there a shady backstory to their connection that prevents that truth from coming out?


Did anyone watch the oscars? I didn't but Kunta makes fun of me for seeing all of the movies that are up for awards. He calls this #HonestSoWhite.


Trump was acquitted and no one ever heard the evidence. No witnesses were allowed. So obviously the president wasn't removed. But what did we miss? We missed a lot of things. In fact, more evidence came out after the articles were turned over than before. The fact that witnesses were not allowed feels like obvious obstruction of justice at this point.


How do we move forward? Can the country support the man now? Pelosi tearing up his speech says otherwise. But for the everyday citizen, how do we move forward? The democratic hopefuls are hopeless. So you can't even vote your way out of four more years. 


America's Hopefuls Leave Us Hopeless #BOBS071


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