Trump Is Hard Of Hearings

Episode 64 November 18, 2019 01:26:51
Trump Is Hard Of Hearings
Black On Both Sides
Trump Is Hard Of Hearings

Nov 18 2019 | 01:26:51


Show Notes


Episode #64 Kaep put together his own tryout only after the NFL gave him 3 days to get ready for theirs. Well, that and the fact that they did it on a Saturday. Then revoked all media access. The fix is in. Kaep didn’t make it easy to scout him with his Kunta Kente shirt and aggressive post speech. 


Who is an electable democrat? All of the candidates are unelectable save for Joe Biden. But can he win with his almost racist past?


Kunta takes time to lay out why the Ukraine is of the utmost importance to the success of the rest world not named Russia. Kunta breaks down the hearings and proves how tone deaf Trump is to the whole thing. This is evidenced by his real-time live tweet threatening a former ambassador. 


Trump is Hard of Hearings #BOBS064

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