The Governors Don't Appreciate S*&#

Episode 77 March 30, 2020 01:07:22
The Governors Don't Appreciate S*&#
Black On Both Sides
The Governors Don't Appreciate S*&#

Mar 30 2020 | 01:07:22


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #77


Joseph Lowery passed. And this brings back a memory of me being locked in a Hood checkpoint of sorts on Joseph E Lowery Blvd in Atlanta. I’m sure he didn’t mean for his street to be so hood. 


R Kelly, Weinstein, and the Coz want out of prison because of Covid. But Kellz has a different reason.


One of our "Listeners" wants to know if we think the U.S. is ready for a biological attack. Kunta thinks that it is very possible that Corona is biological. we both agree that we are ridiculously unprepared for a biological attack.


Meanwhile the leader of our country refuses to call the Governors because they aren't nice. They won't give his administration the credit they deserve. One thing that must happen is that the leaders need to have some sort of open dialogue. At least he is now considering closing the state borders. My wife just wants to know how she will get avocados.


New Orleans Mayors have history of blaming others when they make bad decisions (remember Ray Nagin?). Recently, N.O. mayor blames trump for Louisiana becoming the new hot spot for COVID. Apparently, she didn't know she should cancel because Trump said it was all a media hoax.


If you have not yet watched Tiger King, you are not utilizing your quarantine correctly.


The Governors Don't Appreciate S* #BOBS077


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