Parallel Dimension, Perpendicular Thinking

Episode 48 June 24, 2019 01:33:39
Parallel Dimension, Perpendicular Thinking
Black On Both Sides
Parallel Dimension, Perpendicular Thinking

Jun 24 2019 | 01:33:39


Show Notes

Episode #48


Kunta and I had a few weeks off to think about how much we disagree. However, we got set up for another weeks recordings and ended up not disagreeing so much. Maybe it is true what they say about absence. I am just glad to be back from the Dominican Republic, How would you guys have liked BOBS without me to keep Kuntas feet on the ground?


This weeks epsiode was a hodgepodge of things. Somewhere along the way we talked about both Nicki and Cardi, The Hawks and the Lakers, Soap and toothpaste. The border and drugs. most importantly, drugs. Kunta and I both are interested in the god molecule. It cant be a coincidence that many people have such a similar experience. Either way. the experience is nothing that you are used to. Perhaps those parallel dimensions have something to say. Just know that if we ever get to host a RareSonance Vacation, you will probably meet inter-dimensional beings there.

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