Motivational Rapist Racist #BOBS046

Episode 46 May 27, 2019 01:09:48
Motivational Rapist Racist #BOBS046
Black On Both Sides
Motivational Rapist Racist #BOBS046

May 27 2019 | 01:09:48


Show Notes

Kawhi has been crowned the King in the North by King Kunta. Hopefully he will stay the King. Meanwhile Game of Thrones is over and Kunta cancelled his trial membership to HBO. They have to recognize that they have far more trial subscriptions during the GOT season. Chernobyl just isn’t holding Kunta down.

Tyler the Creator and YG have new albums. So I guess we can say it was a mediocre music week. Kunta feels as though Tyler is a genius and YG is a solid dude that doesn’t read.

Have you been keeping up with Tony Robbins? In one week this man gets exposed for being a sexual miscreant and a potential racist. Of all the people that have been cancelled, I finally see the value.

Through all the weeks of BOBS, I have been trying to tell Kunta that racism in the States is bland compared to abroad. He finally listens because he happened to be in the company of a couple of drunk Asians that compared level of Asian by skin color. You guessed. The lighter the skin, the higher the level in their ranking system.

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