Less Is More

Episode 79 April 20, 2020 01:16:49
Less Is More
Black On Both Sides
Less Is More

Apr 20 2020 | 01:16:49


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #79

Babyface and most of black America’s night was put on hold while Teddy Riley figured out his technical issues…Only to start from scratch 30 minutes later. Quite possibly the worst VS series so far. Teddy, you were doing too much. Everyone should remember that less is more.

Trump is pushing for battleground states to stop holding their people hostage. Don’t worry Dems, even Republicans can see this for what it is. I am sure they will shelter in place even though Trump tells them to rise up. There were only a few protestors.

Contrary to early reports, older white people were not the target of the novel virus. In fact, the people who ended up being most at risk were brown people. Kunta attributes this to their social condition and inability to truly stay at home.

Less Is More #BOBS079

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