The Process Of Impeachment

Episode 66 December 16, 2019 01:09:07
The Process Of Impeachment
Black On Both Sides
The Process Of Impeachment

Dec 16 2019 | 01:09:07


Show Notes

Episode #66 Does anyone still look to oprah for guidance? Anyone black? Not I, said B-Honest. But I did get my show warmup go to the sounds of Amethyst today. I’m up and a sick Kunta is down.


Akon is building a city. Kunta is happy that Black Panther really exists and that we will soon see Wakanda.


Articles of Impeachment will be voted on and Kunta is ecstatic. Kunta feels that this vote is one of formality only. I believe that you can’t turn your back on a hurt animal. 


Kunta is schooling us all on process. So I have no choice but to give him the floor for a major lesson in how the impeachment process really works. However, I feel the need to be more balanced when it comes to history. Will history only see the negative Trump did? Or will we see the positive things as well? 


The Process Of Impeachment #BOBS066

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