Trust Me, I’m Vaccinated

Episode 121 May 17, 2021 01:33:48
Trust Me, I’m Vaccinated
Black On Both Sides
Trust Me, I’m Vaccinated

May 17 2021 | 01:33:48


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #121

Let’s just say that you are out in the world and see someone without a mask. They come into close proximity with you and begin to try and communicate. Do you A. Hold up a hand and walk away? B. Talk as if everything is 2019? or C. Ask them where their damn mask is? Let’s just say you chose C. They tell you that it is okay because they have been fully vaccinated and the CDC says it is okay to go maskless. I know what you are thinking… How do you know if they are telling the truth? Well that my friends is why I am never wearing a mask again. Who would know if I am vaccinated or not? Now we have to just trust people? No worries, who would lie about that???

This would not be a Kunta podcast if we didn’t talk about his Laker favorite and kindred spirit, Kobe Bryant. Kobe was inducted into the Hall Of Fame. At least that is what Kunta thinks. He hasn’t actually had the nerve or ability to watch the speech given by his late wife. KG and Tim Duncan accompany him this time. Congrats on the red jackets!

If you spent any time on the east coast this last week, you were probably walking. Russian hackers cut off the pipeline and the east coast gas stations suffered. Just like the toilet paper bandits did during COVID, the gas station bandits did it last week. People were using anything they could get their hands on the get the last drop of gas before anyone else could. Tupperware, trash cans, and even trash bags. The hackers were paid and all should be back to normal next week.

On the world stage, Israel and Palestine continue their feud over land. Again, it is bloody. However, much like the social unrest in the US recently, all of the turmoil in the area is being reported in real-time via social media. This time it all feels different as many of the same social justice warriors that spent all of last year trying to convict Derek Chauvin, now find a new target.

Trust Me, I’m Vaccinated #BOBS121

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