Two Trials

Episode 134 November 15, 2021 01:26:41
Two Trials
Black On Both Sides
Two Trials

Nov 15 2021 | 01:26:41


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #134

Kunta takes his opportunity to drag me over the Cowboys v Falcons matchup. True fans do not bail on their team when they are in the dumps. Atlanta fans have gotten used to the inconsistencies of our teams. So there will be no bailing. But let's all think back to when "Them Boys" were not so good and Kunta didn't even want to say their names on this podcast.

Kunta is on a journey to find daily balance. He plans to wake up early and sort his day before most of us are even considering hitting snooze. How do you feel about all of the VIPs of the world having a strict up at 5 am method to life? Is this what is necessary to become highly successful?

Two trials are currently in session. The Arbury murder trial and the Rittnehouse trial. I believe these are both open and shut cases and it shouldn't require much to end them. Kunta disagrees. I have been missing all of the coverage due to tuning out most of the news, but it seems as though we are going to need to address this on a future show. I can't remember a time when two high level trials were going on at the same time.

Two Trials #BOBS134

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