Too Many Bundles

Episode 127 August 23, 2021 02:01:13
Too Many Bundles
Black On Both Sides
Too Many Bundles

Aug 23 2021 | 02:01:13


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #127

Olympic reject Sha’Carri Richardson did a poor job of living up to the legend she had created when she placed dead last in a recent track meet. While the rest of the runners in her event were focused on Tokyo, what was she doing back home?Is it possible to to go from being a gold medal hopeful to being a person that may not qualify for future events? she seemed normal. She showed up with nails and her trademarked bleached blonde weave. Is she done or was she wearing too many bundles?

OnlyFans has cut ties with the porn industry. Do they stand a chance turning a profit in the coming years? How many subscribers can we actually get on Rachel Dolezal’s new channel?

What’s up with Elon and his new robot? What’s up with this robot that will sit and listen to and then provide counseling for your 5-10 year old? What’s up with Boston Dynamics creating a parkour robot? Are we seeing the beginning of a group of robots that when put together form the terminator robot from the movie franchise?

Did Joe B. Make a mistake? Is this blunder going to be the summation of his presidency? Where does America stand in the world view on foreign policy? Was his pull-out game too weak or way too strong?

Too Many Bundles #BOBS127

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