New Year New You

Episode 67 December 30, 2019 01:24:29
New Year New You
Black On Both Sides
New Year New You

Dec 30 2019 | 01:24:29


Show Notes

Episode #67 Kunta got the best gift for Christmas...Love. After years and years of support, he get paid for all of his support in a character building event. This is why I choose not to celebrate any of these corporate driven holidays. I prefer to get my wife and loved ones gifts throughout the year where there is no expectation attached.


Kunta tries to sell me on the idea of Kwanza. All he really does is give me a reason for not celebrating. Do gifts get exchanged during Kwanza? I forgot to ask.


What religious belief do you subscribe to? Kunta finds a way to make fun of it. He has left the many churches behind and taken a more Reverend Ike approach to his existentialism. So much so, that we venture into the lands of alternative history and alien manipulation. I am here for that.


New Year New You #BOBS067

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