The Patriots vs The Taliban

September 09, 2019 01:20:08
The Patriots vs The Taliban
Black On Both Sides
The Patriots vs The Taliban

Sep 09 2019 | 01:20:08


Show Notes

Episode #56 Football Kickoff Sunday and many teams have already fallen off the forecasted path. But no player or team is off more that Antonio Brown. He may be a little touched. Okay, a lot touched. Whether you think his antics are Real Ninja Ish or Weirdo behavior, his pockets are lighter. And not just because of the fines.

Lighter pockets is a theme here. Serena is starting to get a name for getting to the finals and not quite finishing the job. Is it the baby? Of course not. Babies are a bundle of joy. Nikki Minaj will soon find out since she jut quit the game to raise a family.

Martin Lawrence is back. Swole up, but back. Can he pull off another episode of the Bad Boys Franchise? Meanwhile other actors like Isaiah Washington come out as Trump supporters and also simultaneously get into a Twitter beef with Matt Barnes. Please let this end well.

Kunta is mad at Trump for inviting the Taliban leadership to the table. Did I mention the table is at Camp David? American soil is no place for a fundamental jihadist. Could this be just another photo opp for Tump? I think that no matter what, just having dialogue is better than blasting on each other. What if we got the two sides together to play American Football. Im taking us by a landslide.

The Patriots vs The Taliban #Open056

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