Sassy And Gay

Episode 57 September 16, 2019 01:06:40
Sassy And Gay
Black On Both Sides
Sassy And Gay

Sep 16 2019 | 01:06:40


Show Notes

Episode #57 Whether mentally impaired or not, AB has shown that his football is not affected by his off-field exploits. He may be going down for sexual misconduct, but not until he scores many more touchdowns. Will New England be able to save him from himself. OBJ is also living a sassy life in Cleveland of all places. I have never even heard of the watch he decided to wear on the field. What is up with these flamboyant wide receivers? Both of thee guys are going to need a Super Bowl to right their wrongs. So are black people supporting them?

Do you care that R Kelly has a new warrant for his arrest? Probably not

We discussed Once upon a time in Hollywood, The Joker, and a few nerd flicks…compliments of our resident nerd.

Yada, yada, yada on the Felicity sentencing. She got off as we knew she would.

Bret Kavanaugh is back in the news. Apparently someone has been digging for other sexual harassment victims and now they are building a case. I dont trust when they have to search for people to speak out. Nonetheless, Democrats are looking for a way to impeach him. Can you impeach a Supreme Court Justice?

Sassy And Gay #BOBS057

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