Trial With Teeth

Episode 69 January 20, 2020 01:40:44
Trial With Teeth
Black On Both Sides
Trial With Teeth

Jan 20 2020 | 01:40:44


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #69


Pelosi holds the articles. But as it turns out it was for the best. Doing so has literally opened the flood gates of new information that if nothing else, changes the momentum and dynamic of the hearing.


90 minutes after getting off of the phone with the Ukrainian President, it appears that the Pentagon was struck with a moral dilemma. Should they withhold aid from The Ukraine? Did that happen? Would you believe it if it were in an email? Laws?


What about text messages? You believe those? Parnas has them; many of them. Apparently, everyone knew about everything. Parnas knows Trump. Everybody Trump knows, knows Parnas. Does Trump know him? Nope!


Hearings are set to begin this week. We can only hope that this trial has teeth. If for no other reason, than the Democratic hopefuls are floundering around the debate stage.


Trial With Teeth #BOBS069


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