R&B R. Kelly verzuz Hip Hop Kellz

Episode 84 May 25, 2020 01:29:03
R&B R. Kelly verzuz Hip Hop Kellz
Black On Both Sides
R&B R. Kelly verzuz Hip Hop Kellz

May 25 2020 | 01:29:03


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #84

KingKunta caught the last Verzuz battle between Beenie Man and Bounty Killer. He quickly realized he doesn’t know the genre as well as he thought he did. However, he was impressed by the number of hits among them. They took the Teddy Riley out of it by having both people in the same place.

Kunta was highly anticipating the Memorial Day battle between 112 and Jagged Edge. So was I until he let me know that two of the original members of 112 are no longer part of the group. Well that makes my choice easier.

I want to know why Trina won’t verzuz Khia? 1 smash hit verzuz a handful of top 50 records? Don’t see much difference. The battle would only last 20 minutes, but the content would be entertaining.

Now who would you like to see battle R. Kelly? Of course this could never happen being that Kellz is on lockdown regardless of his Corona status. But who could go against such a masterpiece? Kunta thinks only he can battle himself.

Oh, by the way, Biden has pissed off black people. But should black people be pissed? Were his words inaccurate? If Barack said them would we feel differently?

R&B R Kelly verzuz Hip Hop Kellz #BOBS084

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