Dark Winter

Episode 102 October 26, 2020 01:21:53
Dark Winter
Black On Both Sides
Dark Winter

Oct 26 2020 | 01:21:53


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #102

Kunta got dentally outsourced an upon his arrival was told that they had already scheduled him for a root canal that was taking place in just a few minutes. Hey dentists, it is hard to make a case for you when you continuously do this guy this way.

Mike Tyson very calmly shut Boosie down with a gay accusation. Just for the record, if Mike was calling you gay, how would you handle it?

Dez Bryant and Anthony Brown find new homes. And both of our teams are still suffering. 

Is there anyone NOT here for a Lisa raye onlyfans? 

T.I. is not willing to trade hits with Busta but may also meet his match with his native brother Jeezy.

Lovecraft Country! See it…NOW! 

I decided to pass on the debate and apparently missed a real debate. Not that it was good…but at least it was a debate. The mute button was only pressed a couple of times. THis debate is not going to make any staunch supporters switch sides, but apparently Biden may have made an F’ing error. Fracking error. 100% emission free America? C’mon son!

We recently had our deadliest day in Covid Deaths. Kunta thinks we need to do more and plan better. This may be true, but I try to advocate for the devil in hopes of bringing a little logic into the conversation. Is this virus controllable? Or shall we just make room for its heavy footprint?

Either way and no matter who wins Kunta thinks we are in for a dark winter of death.

Dark Winter #BOBS102

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