All The Tyson’s – Mike, Fury, Chicken

Episode 83 May 18, 2020 01:04:45
All The Tyson’s – Mike, Fury, Chicken
Black On Both Sides
All The Tyson’s – Mike, Fury, Chicken

May 18 2020 | 01:04:45


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #83

The Nelly and Ludacris verses battle underwhelmed both of us enough to not know much about how it ended up. Where we were compelled to live-comment the Badu vs Jilly battle, this time, I ended up working on my tub. Kunta fell asleep.

How much money does a not-lead character in Fast and The Furious make? I don’t know but I am sure it is a fraction of a point in royalties and the money is already spent. Fight me.

Mike Tyson looks like a teenager. Evander Holyfield looks like Tyson’s father. And I mean one of those fathers that waited until they were 50 to start trying to have kids. Maybe Mike Tyson will Fight Tyson Fury for a bucket of Tyson Chicken.

Iverson doesn’t lift weights, a couple of celebrity deaths, and many black people now claim that they are the black Larry David. But our show ventures into the weirdness. A new segment we are working in where Kunta finds odd news stories to get my reaction on.

Sadly, we lose another black person to the hands of a police department. This was an EMT, and yes we are waiting on all the details…But another one…another one…another one.

All The Tyson’s – Mike, Fury, Chicken #BOBS083

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