No Jordans With Your Stimmy

Episode 116 March 15, 2021 01:27:17
No Jordans With Your Stimmy
Black On Both Sides
No Jordans With Your Stimmy

Mar 15 2021 | 01:27:17


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #116

This week in racism has a high school game announcer calling young ladies the n-word, Stacey Dash asking for forgiveness, Chauvin preparing for his day in court, and the royal family talking ill of little babies (correction unborn babies). Now, is anyone seriously shocked by this one? I mean isn’t this the same kingdom that has colonized the world for personal gain? They have subjugated brown people from one end of the world to the other. Let’s give them a little credit their obvious attempt at toning down their racism. Kunta wants you to know that the last statement was dripping with sarcasm.

 Kunta also feels like Cuomo is out of here. That isn’t sarcasm. He probably is out of here. Can we get his brother out of here too? I am just annoyed by him. Speaking of annoyed, Kunta is annoyed with Tessica. Her time in the spotlight is requiring too much. Like white teeth? 15 minutes does not require perfect straight teeth. When will she disappear back into obscurity?

Who hasn’t cursed their kid out at some point in their young adult development? Let he who raises without sin cast the first f-bomb. Kirk Franklin is just a man. And he is Clark Kent to Plies’ Superman.

Meanwhile in anti-racism, the Floyd family receives 27 million. At the very least this should force rule breakers to know that there are some repercussions for mistreating black suspects.

Other than that, please spend your Stimulus check wisely. No Jordans or Ratchetness.

No Jordans With Your Stimmy #BOBS116

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