Badu vs The World – The World Loses

Episode 81 May 04, 2020 01:28:47
Badu vs The World – The World Loses
Black On Both Sides
Badu vs The World – The World Loses

May 04 2020 | 01:28:47


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #81

Corona is over, right? Right?

Well then why is Georgia open? Wait, everyone is back open? Kunta thinks the flattened curve is about to unflatten to a new level of death. The administration is now saying that Wuhan is responsible for letting the virus escape from a lab.

Who is ready to see Erykah vs Jill? Who thinks it is a fair competition? NOBODY!!! In fact, who could go versus Erykah in her lane? We will wait…

Badu vs The World – The World Loses #BOBS081

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