Cohen On Mute #BOBS035

Episode 35 March 04, 2019 01:28:17
Cohen On Mute #BOBS035
Black On Both Sides
Cohen On Mute #BOBS035

Mar 04 2019 | 01:28:17


Show Notes

Episode #35

What’s Hot

Tristan Thompson apparently can’t do anything right. He can’t even get out of the relationship correctly. This Kardashian is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her man this time. #freetristain

What’s the difference between wealthy and rich? Young Dolph and Keyshawn Johnson move in very different ways. Some people can’t get robbed no matter how hard they try and others lose half a million at Cracker Barrel.

R. Kelly gets out and it’s all because of a daycare owner who used her wrongful death settlement money as collateral. What’s worse…her daughter being memorialized by bailing out Kellz, or the fact that she is supposed to be protecting kids at her job and released a alleged child molester?

What’s Real

Cohen had a big day but I didn’t get the info. I watched it, but had to mute the sound due to being at work. Apparently, the Republicans didn’t hear it either as they decided to #muteCohen at every turn. Is Cohen a dirtbag? Yes. Is his testimony likely tainted? Yes. But does he know where the bodies are buried? Most likely. Did Republicans have any questions for him? No.

Kunta went on a Cohen deep dive about reimbursements and racism. I have trouble connecting the dots as to how this will really affect Trump enough to put him behind bars. Only time will tell. Kunta is sure that one of the many courts after Trump will likely succeed.

MArk Meadows uses a human prop that Kunta can’t get over. He feels like this is as much a sign of racism as any other we have discussed. Meanwhile Trump flies off to meet with the Korean Dictator and gets nowhere. I feel like Trump was a prop in that meeting. Both he and the black woman in the Mark Meadows press conference accomplished about the same.


Coonman’s wife hands out cotton souvenirs for the balck kids she was teaching about the history of Virginia. Can this family not get anything right? Meanwhile a Maryland Democrat hot mics the N word and has to apologize.

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