Bye, Superman

Episode 131 October 18, 2021 01:25:19
Bye, Superman
Black On Both Sides
Bye, Superman

Oct 18 2021 | 01:25:19


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #131

The Bi in the new Superman is not short for Bionic. As this enrages some comic book fans, not everyone agrees that this is an issue. Remember, that not so long ago, the culture wasn’t ready for a black Spiderman or even a black Storm Trooper. In an age of inclusion and diversity, is it a problem that our kids will grow up with gay super heroes? Or is all of this a non-issue? If you are a fan of Superman comics, are you willing to adjust your beliefs? If not, are you willing to give Superman up altogether?

Bye, Superman #BOBS131

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