GoFundWho? #BOBS029

Episode 29 January 14, 2019 01:18:01
GoFundWho? #BOBS029
Black On Both Sides
GoFundWho? #BOBS029

Jan 14 2019 | 01:18:01


Show Notes

Episode #29

When is the last tie your favorite rapper was from Houston? No, Travis Scoot isn't rap...so he doesn't count. KingKunta has a suggestion for any south rap fan that is starved for lyrical snapping. Killa Kyleon bridges the gap between lyrics and The South for this generation. Meanwhile Big Boi has betrayed his brethren and Kap and decided to participate in the Super Bowl Half Time Show. But weren't you all saying that we needed Atlanta artists representing for a Super Bowl in Atlanta? I can't keep up with the outrage.

KingKunta went and got his priesthood paperwork completed. And to celebrate he marries two Asians. Picture that, 200 hundred Asians and their black minister.

Is it wrong that Kunta has been hearing R Kelly hits in his head for the [ast couple of weeks? What about a weatherman that doesn't Know you can't say coon when speaking of Martin Luther King? Wait, so the guy collecting GoFundMe money for Trump's wall decided to use the money for his own wall-building exercise? Meanwhile, the TSA calls in sick. Nothing is black and white.

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