Don't Unionize My Fries

Episode 146 September 26, 2022 01:26:33
Don't Unionize My Fries
Black On Both Sides
Don't Unionize My Fries

Sep 26 2022 | 01:26:33


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #146

Kunta likes it when I am nerdy so we discuss House of Dragons right out of the gate. It may the only nerdy thing in which we have common ground. I don't like Marvel and he doesn't like computers. But we both love those dragons!

Meanwhile Kunta becomes part of the West Coast officially. Snoop makes breakfasts better. Where in the world is Tela? Want some Nyquil chicken? Has anyone seen an Aries Spears stand-up? Is it okay to cheat on Nia Long?

We all like fast food. We all like the value of fast food. How would you feel about spending 15 dollars on that combo meal? Well, it may be coming to a California fast food restaurant soon. Unionizing is in the works and it won't be long before it reaches every blue state in America.

Don't Unionize My Fries #BOBS146

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