Still Poor in the Metaverse

Episode 136 December 20, 2021 01:16:58
Still Poor in the Metaverse
Black On Both Sides
Still Poor in the Metaverse

Dec 20 2021 | 01:16:58


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #136

Kunta changes his name for this episode to MetaKunta. He is all in for the Metaverse and wants me to come along. I think I will wait to change my name until I can turn it into a NFT. That being said, what preparations are you making to turn your life into a virtual one? There has been a lot of talk about living virtually as it will be better. But what if it isn’t better? Are you willing to live in a matrix version of your current stressful life?

Still Poor in the Metaverse #BOBS136

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