How Do Live Shooters Get Taken Alive? #BOBS53

Episode 53 August 05, 2019 01:20:01
How Do Live Shooters Get Taken Alive? #BOBS53
Black On Both Sides
How Do Live Shooters Get Taken Alive? #BOBS53

Aug 05 2019 | 01:20:01


Show Notes

Episode #53 Kunta was double fisting this weekend. No this isn’t sexual. He was doing his best white woman impersonation and drinking hard seltzers. But to make sure you know he is still a mans man, he grabbed two at once. That’ll show those fairies.

Marshawn Lynch will show those fairies too. He doesn’t exactly understand political correctness. But who is going to tell a man that goes by Beast Mode that he isn’t showing the proper level of respect? Moral of the story, don’t sign up for his summer camp if you are soft.

Trump tweets hateful things and someone goes on a killing spree mass shooting. Are these things truly related? Kunta thinks so. I’m not so sure. One thing we can agree on, this killing of civilians by fully and semi automatic assault rifles has to stop. Can anyone truly justify the need for these types of guns anymore? Kunta has a more pressing inquiry…why do all the white live shooters get taken calmly into custody while young black men get killed for sitting in a car?

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