Corona Masks Are Corny

Episode 78 April 06, 2020 00:59:36
Corona Masks Are Corny
Black On Both Sides
Corona Masks Are Corny

Apr 06 2020 | 00:59:36


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #78


So the CDC recommends that everyone wear a mask when out and about. Trump agrees...but not for him, thanks. He feels like it would make him look like an a-hole when talking to other dignitaries. And the start of The Apprentice doesn't want that silly mask rubbing off his makeup; Or exposing that bad toupee.


For the record, when Trump looks up during his public address speeches, HE IS FREESTYLING! Anything he says while looking away from his paper is bound to be ridiculous. ProTip: Only pay attention to things he says when he is looking at the paper.


Corona Masks Are Corny #BOBS078


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