3 For Me, 1 For You #BOBS018

Episode 18 October 22, 2018 01:10:25
3 For Me, 1 For You #BOBS018
Black On Both Sides
3 For Me, 1 For You #BOBS018

Oct 22 2018 | 01:10:25


Show Notes

3 For Me, 1 For You #BOBS018

Episode #18

KingKunta is fresh (not fresh) off of a Spartan Race in the hills of California. Although he is tired he lives to fight another day. For anyone interested in being a Spartan, start light. Do not participate in the Beast first. Much to Kunta’s chagrin, white people saved him from many deaths along the way. For a small packet of mustard, Kunta will scream All Lives Matter.

But he won’t be screaming at Ashanti’s concert because it was canceled. More people showed up to punish themselves at the Spartan beast than purchased tickets to one of her shows. Is it that we have no love for nostalgia, or did we just not really like her?

I will tell you who I like…8 Ball & MJG. I’m totally here for their biopic whether or not Kunta thinks it will be good. I see it as a small victory for southern rap.

Brian Kemp is happily running for governor in Georgia while meanwhile holding the job that counts the ballots for voting for governor in Georgia. No one saw this as a conflict of interests. So he did what any proud warm blooded American would do…3 for me, 1 for you.

Lastly, we have a segment of rate the racism. Where do you line up? Kunta or Honest?

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