2019 Feels Just Like 2009 #BOBS043

Episode 43 May 06, 2019 01:43:42
2019 Feels Just Like 2009 #BOBS043
Black On Both Sides
2019 Feels Just Like 2009 #BOBS043

May 06 2019 | 01:43:42


Show Notes

Episode #43

Happy Cinco de Stinko. I am hopeful that you made it home safely last night just in time to get a full dose of GOT disappointment. We have to talk GOT andhow we both ended up being frustrated with the quick death of the Night King and the unexplained “life” he lived. Maybe the prequel will have time to explain all of it. Seems like if they had produced a full 10 episode season they could have fit in the explanations to why “Winter Is Coming” was even important. SHAME, G.O.T.!!!

Endgame came out and nerds everywhere rejoiced. KingKunta supports everything about the movie and tried to convince me why I should rejoice too. It had something to do with watching 21 other movies about this stuff. So chances are, I will never rejoice.

Did The Game shoot a shot? Did Taylor Swift buzz the hive for ideas? Is Breezy MJ and Pac rolled into one backflip? Did WuTang really get a street? HAs Kellz pissed off the Feds?

LA lost another child as John Singleton’s family took him off of life support. we discuss which movie was our favorite and why.

Trump and Putin met to discuss whether there was collusion between their parties during our election. Any idea what they decided? Is anyone shocked? I don’t understand how Kunta gets shocked by this president and his antics so often. I know that he keeps telling me that the sky is falling. And he keeps promising me that the country has been compromised. But to me 2019 feels just like 2009.

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