She's Qualified...But No

Episode 142 April 11, 2022 01:21:24
She's Qualified...But No
Black On Both Sides
She's Qualified...But No

Apr 11 2022 | 01:21:24


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #142

I am fresh off of a Jamaican vacation. Kunta's favorite getaway is Jamaica, but I didn't get the same vibes. On this trip I had an epiphany of all inclusive resorts. Kunta spent the weekend inebriate adjacent and still managed to pull off a headache. He defeated this with his Sunday brunch of items that would normally contribute to a heart attack all on their own being grouped together in a Frankenstein' Burger.

Justice Brown was accepted and is most likely the most qualified justice of all time. This didn't sway the Republicans from not supporting her. One after one they spoke of her greatness and qualifications just before they mentioned that they would not be supporting her. Reminds me of that job interview where they tell you that you are too qualified.

She's Qualified...But No #BOBS142

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