Back From Whence You Came…America #BOBS51

Episode 51 July 15, 2019 01:20:00
Back From Whence You Came…America #BOBS51
Black On Both Sides
Back From Whence You Came…America #BOBS51

Jul 15 2019 | 01:20:00


Show Notes

Episode #51

Jermaine Dupri is keeping it real when it comes to female MCs. He opines that women rap right now is all the same story and the story is stripping. We cannot tell you who the best is right now because they are all equally mediocre. He is waiting for one of them to rise above the pack and rap about something else.

Speaking of a wrap. R Kelly is amidst his day of reckoning. I concede. This man is clearly headed up the river very soon. They keep uncovering new evidence that will keep him in jail until the kids he molested can order off of the senior menu.

N one wants to drink the remnants of your spit. So stop running around town spitting in tea or licking ice cream. What the hell is wrong with you? But honestly, no one is going to die from your spit. So are we making too much of this?

Donald Trump has a talent. That is to make people get really angry. So while half the country is reeling at a comment he makes, he sits on the sidelines with that ridiculous smirk. My only message is to know your enemy. Kunta believes that telling minority congresswomen to go back to their country just proves how dumb he is. They are from the US. I dont know if he is dumb or just trying to rattle them and discredit their existence and importance. Both are an issue, but please dont be triggered. People make mistakes when they are angry. Go back to America, where you are from.

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