Atlanta is Burning…Again

Episode 87 June 15, 2020 01:22:46
Atlanta is Burning…Again
Black On Both Sides
Atlanta is Burning…Again

Jun 15 2020 | 01:22:46


Show Notes

Black On Both Sides Episode #87

In 1864, Sherman marched on Atlanta and sacked the city. In an effort to not leave anything for the Union Army, the Confederate leader had his troops set fire to much of the ammunition and other valuable things around the city.

This was nothing like that. This was just more of the same police brutality and a dead black man. So the very least we can do is burn something. A Wendy’s goes up in flames. This isn’t justice. It’s just hurt. It doesn’t seem to matter if the spotlight is on the cops or not. They are going to continue killing people. And with more light, they can see how to do it better.

Meanwhile, Trump is quadrupling down on trying to look good for his base. Anyone but trump should be the Democratic slogan.

Atlanta is Burning…Again #BOBS087

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